4 Pack Hardneck Garlic Cooking Sampler - Certified Naturally Grown

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4 Pack Hardneck Cooking Sampler - 1 bulb of each, Certified Naturally Grown (*Will begin shipping approximately the 1st or 2nd week of Sept 2018*)

This sampler includes 1 of each bulb of these popular hardnecks, perfect for culinary garlic exploration.

    • Chesnok Red: This hardneck garlic produces large bulbs with purple striped wrappers. It is superb for cooking, holding its flavor and offering a distinctive, lingering taste for the garlic connoisseur. You get 5-10 easy to peel cloves per bulb. The variety may have originated in Georgia (the one in Asia) where it is known as Shevlisi.
    • Georgia Fire: This porcelain hardneck's garlic name should not scare anyone away. It is hot but not unpleasantly so - and is great in home made salsa. It produces about 6 large cloves per bulb. Easy to peel. It is also called Cichisdzhvari … obviously easier to pronounce if you are a citizen of Georgia (where so many great garlic varieties have originated). 
    • Romanian Red: A long storing porcelain hardneck garlic. The bulbs have large, easy to peel cloves. The taste is hot and pungent with a considerable bite. Speaking of bite, if you have vampire problems, this is the one for you.
    • German Extra Hardy: A porcelain hardneck with origins in Central Europe.Bulbs aren't always large but the flavor can have a wonderful garlicky intensity.