Organic Garlic Braid (Gourmet Large-Bulb | 10 Count)

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Organic Garlic Braids (Bulb Size: Large) Unleash a Symphony of Flavor!

Decorative, vibrant, and edible Organic Spring Garlic Braids - a spectacular fusion of aesthetic appeal and exceptional flavor. Customers frequently report that our organically grown garlic delivers a power-packed punch of taste, often stronger than traditional garlic.   


Spring Garlic Braids are a dream for any garlic aficionado. These large bulb braids not only bring beauty to your kitchen but also come with an extended shelf life of up to 10 months. Enjoy the fantastic flavor year-round!

Organic Garlic Braids 10 bulbs per braid:

  1. 10 Bulb Decorative Garlic Braid

Weighing approximately 1 to 3 lbs, these exquisite garlic braids have become a fan favorite, often selling out swiftly due to their high demand.


Each braid is made from organically grown silverskin softneck bulbs. They can retain their shape for years if left to dry out, though, in a garlic lover's kitchen, they will not last that long. The irresistible aroma and robust flavor often make them a quick pick for delightful dishes.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures our customers a quality product, year after year.

We offer 100% Organically Grown Garlic:
All Natural, Premium Label, Non-GMO, Pesticide-Free Hardneck Garlic.

This garlic variety has small cloves, no matter the size of the bulb.  We very proudly sell it because it truly has the best flavor of all the varieties we grow, where, and how it is grown.  We have a cult following for this specific garlic because of its flavor and the beauty of the braid.  We suggest pressing these cloves with the skin on, or if you peel: smash with a knife so that the skin will "pop" off.  We do not offer refunds for it having smaller cloves.