Garlic Braid with Herbs and Chiles

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Discover our fresh garlic braid with herbs, showcasing 18 garlic bulbs accented by chiles, bay leaves, thyme, and rosemary. Made from California's late harvest soft-neck garlic, this garlic remains fresh for 6-9 months post-July harvest. Store in a cool, dry area. Note: Bulb sizes can vary. Shops in late October.


  • Available from November while stocks last.
  • 16 inches in length.
  • Package includes a McFadden Farm recipe booklet.
  • The garlic is fresh and natural but not labeled organic.

Upon arrival:

  • Remove from the box immediately and shake to refresh.
  • Hang indoors, avoiding direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

For cooking:

  • Bay leaves are prime for cooking after drying for 10-14 days. Use immediately or store dried leaves in a sealed jar for up to a year. Remember, bay is toxic to animals.
  • For the garlic, cut the netting to access. Hang in a cool, shaded area, and use from top to bottom for best freshness.