Our Guarantee

The Garlic Store Guarantee

As a small family business, we sell the highest quality viable garlic seed to our customers.  Garlic growing is an experiment of fine-tuning to see what grows best in your particular soil and climate. Side by side, some varieties will thrive in your soil, some will not. Like any other seed, the following factors are beyond our control and contribute to the successful germination and growth of your garlic, therefore we cannot be responsible for your garlic growing success. We cannot offer refunds on unsuccessful crops for the following reasons:

  • Your soil conditions and ph (along with repeated planting in the same location)
  • Weather conditions and events
  • Watering habits
  • Weeding and Pest control                                                                                      
  • Mulching
  • Soil preparation and fertilization types
  • Storage time before planting
  • Freezing before or after planting
  • Selection of the correct garlic seed for your climate (we are happy to help guide you towards the best options for your particular area)   
  • If Priority Shipping (2-3 days) is NOT chosen for seed or live garlic, you understand that your garlic may sit in a box without air in various hot/cold conditions for up to 8 days (potentially leading to mold, damage, and various degeneration) and you are waiving any quality guarantee or refund options on this purchase.

Your Responsibilities

Check your garlic upon receipt and open the box to allow for air circulation

  •  If you are unsatisfied you MUST notify us immediately and place the garlic in the mail for a full refund (less shipping) within 3 business days. We will pay shipping if we sent incorrect items or bad product.
  • Store your garlic in a cool dry place with good air circulation
  • Get your garlic planted as soon as possible (ideally a couple weeks before the first hard ground freeze) as like any live plant/seed, it will deteriorate over time
  • Read our detailed “How to Grow” instructions on our website. The link is located on the right hand side of our home page.

***For the fastest response time, please contact us here: thechiefclove@thegarlicstore.com