Amish Rocambole Garlic Organically Grown

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A beautiful thick leaved rocambole with a really hot and spicy garlic flavor that will bite and stick around for a while. It grows best in colder climates. We have been using it for a few years for our black garlic. We can say this about its ability to produce sweet juicy easy-peeling black garlic...It is awesome!!!  Some says it has a lineage over 100 years old within the Amish Community and would consider it an heirloom garlic. The garlic bulbs tend to good sized with 7-9 larger easy to peel cloves. This is a strong flavored garlic with a spicy-hot kick that lasts. This garlic will have a serious punch when eaten raw. It is great for drying and making your own garlic powder, you will never purchase garlic powder from the store again. It's that good! Being a rocambole, the wrappers will be on the thin side and can easily flake off, contributing to their limited storage, only 3-6 months (it is know for the flavor, not the storage).




1/2lb Bag, Whole Bulbs






Premium Label, Non-GMO, Certified Organic


*Shipping begins approximately 2nd week of September*