Russian Red Rocambole Organically Grown

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A Rocambole Hardneck with a strong rich taste noted as a great roasting garlic. Hot but not a scorcher, Red Russian raises the eyebrows and awakens the senses within us. "What is this mysterious sensation... this paradox of complexity and simplicity?!" A fabulous "table garlic." One you'll always want in the pantry. Due to its popularity, we grow Red Russian in bulk to supply seed stock for new farmers. Nicely purple striped skin with brownish cloves that averages 6-8 per bulb. They are fairly consistent in size (take a look at the cross section in our photo above). The bulb pops easily and there are very few double cloves, which is a great boon to commercial growers. Zones 1-9

Premium Label, Non-GMO, Pesticide Free