Zemo Garlic Bulbs Organically Grown

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Zemo Gourmet Garlic, a culinary treasure hailing from the Georgian village of Zemo Surebi, is renowned for its spicy flavor and rich allicin content. This porcelain hardneck variety excels in versatile cooking applications, delivering a potent, pungent taste when raw and a delightful sweetness when cooked or roasted. Its generously sized cloves are easily peeled, perfect for imparting a bold garlic essence to dishes that are sautéed, simmered, marinated, or used in sauces. With a robust and intense flavor complemented by a medium heat, Zemo Garlic invites you to savor the essence of the Georgian mountains in every bite of your favorite meals.



1/2lb Bag, Whole Bulbs 






Premium Label, Non-GMO, Pesticide Free 


*Shipping begins approximately 2nd week of September*